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We Turned it Up To ‘Eleven’ at Internet Battle Plan XXI


Last week, the Beard (Greg Gifford) and the Hair (Shaun Raines) headed to Atlanta, GA to speak at Internet Battle Plan XXI. If you’ve never heard of it, the IBP conference is hosted by our friend Jim Ziegler of Ziegler SuperSystems and it’s two days packed full of amazing presentations from the top minds in automotive.

Like most conferences, the Internet Battle Plan exists to make us all a little smarter when it comes to our digital marketing efforts. But unlike most conferences, there’s a strict “no infomercial” rule for the IBP speakers. That means the presenters MUST share actionable tips for dealers, and not just spout sales pitches the entire time. Of course, anyone who’s seen Greg & Shaun present knows that wouldn’t have been a problem anyway, because their talks always have huge takeaways.

It was filled with callbacks to comedy film greats, including Caddyshack and Young Frankenstein. You can download his slides here, and experience it for yourself.


And of course, we can’t forget the featured opening speaker, Bobbie Herron from ZMOT Auto. She’s got a ton of experience in the auto industry, and she spent 16 years at a dealership before coming over to the other side with ZMOT. She showed dealers how they can use their existing data to maximize sales & profits. It was geared toward Dealer Principals and GMs, who got an earful on using predictable, proven processes to increase their bottom line.

Of course, we love Bobbie Herron, and can’t wait to have her on our webinar next week! She’ll be speaking on customer experience best practices. She also hosted a webinar in September 2015 with us, and talked about how ZMOT handles leads.

If you went to Internet Battle Plan XXI, tell us your favorite part in the comments below.


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