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The Most Important Question To Ask In Local SEO

Over at Search Engine Land, we have another helpful guest blog post from Greg Gifford, DealerOn’s Director of Search and Social. The topic of Local SEO is oh-so-important to businesses trying to rank in their geographic areas, so don’t miss out if your dealership is having trouble beating out the local competition.

The question of the day is, “Why do I deserve to be #1?” Your answer to that will help determine…

  • your content strategy (what you put on your website),
  • your link-building strategy (how you get other businesses & sites to point to your dealership),
  • and the way your customers view you.

If you’ve ever had questions about the “why” in regards to Local SEO, read Greg’s blog post here and find out for yourself. And show it to a friend, too, we don’t mind.


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