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SEM KPIs That Actually Sell Cars

If you are not measuring and optimizing your campaigns toward metrics that really matter, like units sold, customer paid RO’s and ROI, you might be hurting your business.

Are you frustrated of getting reports from your digital advertising provider every month that show excellent improvements in all of the KPIs they have deemed important? But when you look at your sales report for the same month, you are down in every category. How can it be these campaigns were judged as a success when your dealership was actually less successful?

If you are one of the dealers who realizes something doesn’t add up here, you are entirely correct. The time has passed where digital advertising success is measured by the cost of each click or even your average cost per lead. If you are not measuring and optimizing your campaigns toward metrics that really matter, you might be hurting your business.

By setting up comprehensive click to sale tracking and attribution, you will be able to tell precisely how many units your campaigns have helped you move off your lot and calculate a true campaign ROI. This is not only great information for you as dealer to have, but is crucial information to be used in campaign optimization. It allows you to allocate your budget to strategies that actually impact your business, and not just move the needle on metrics that may have little to no bearing on your dealership’s success.

I will be talking in depth on this subject this Thursday, July 5th during my webinar with Digital Dealer. You will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to track the metrics that really matter, and actionable plans to set up and optimize your campaigns to increase your bottom line and not just your advertising metrics.

Measure What Matters: SEM KPIs that Actually Sell Cars

July 5, 2018 @ 2:30 ET


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