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DealerOn Took Digital Dealer 21!


“Digital Dealers come and go, but the memories never fade.”

That was the quote that DD21 signed in our DealerOn summer yearbook. And they were right. It was a great show, we had amazing meetings with some top dealers and the booth was rockin’ all three days.

Event attendance seemed to be as strong as ever, with dealers running all over the MGM, hitting each session and enjoying their time in vendor village.

Of course, we had two very successful sessions: Shaun Raines’ and Greg Gifford’s standing room only presentations. The Beard and The Hair killed it once again, dropping some cutting-edge knowledge on both SEM and SEO. A dealer in each session walked away with an Apple Watch. Lucky!

Even if you missed it, both were video recorded, so we’ll make them available soon, right here on the DealerOn Blog.

Dealers that came by the booth were treated to some of the brand new innovations in our website platform, our OEM programs, and SEO/SEM offerings. We launched:

  • The preview of our new, high converting VDP
  • Brand new header design, sure to wow consumers
  • Host of new website designs
  • Deeper look at Acura, Mercedes, Kia, BMW and VW OEM programs

Plus, dealers that pre-scheduled demos to see these amazing features walked away with a $50 gift card. Getting paid to see all that? Smart.

When the sun went down, the real fun began. The Joe and Shaun Karaokethon, sponsored by DealerOn, was a tremendous success. To no one’s surprise, it was very well-attended and bestowed upon us some notable performances by Paul Jiminez from Shift Digital, and Justin & Joey from Auto Alert. They brought the house down!

The real hero of DD21? Director of Sales, Eric Bolster. He should receive a trophy for a job well done.

We can’t wait for the next one. In fact, if you’d like to see the DealerOn gang next month, come visit us at Internet Sales 20 Group 9, in Phoenix, Arizona. Shaun and Greg will be at it again, making it rain in the desert with their SEO & SEM insight.


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