TechnoBleed - Cyber Securiy and Technology Blog Acquires Dealer Inspire

If you spend a bit of time at auto conferences and around the social media watering holes where auto folks hang out, you’ll find that there’s a family in this industry. We may compete vigorously for customers and customer budgets, but I count so many people in this industry amongst my closest friends. Auto is a family and when a family member has a good day, it demands acknowledgement. announced yesterday morning that it has acquired Dealer Inspire. I’m excited for my friends Joe Chura (Dealer Inspire’s founder and CEO), Alex Vetter ( CEO) and Greg McGivney (now Dealer Inspire’s COO) on an amazing outcome, and I wish them well as they begin the often difficult process of integrating their companies.

The market declares value with its dollars and an investment of this magnitude in a competitor is both great news for the Dealer Inspire team and great news for DealerOn! This acquisition is not only a vote for Dealer Inspire, but a vote for the insurgency that DealerOn has long led: to provide the auto industry with innovative and compelling next generation alternatives to the entrenched interests that have dominated the space for years — CDK Global and Cox Automotive’s

Congratulations Joe, Alex, and Greg! And GAME ON!


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