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10 tips for avoiding shady SEO providers

how to spot shady SEO providers

Our very own Greg Gifford is at it again, blowing up the internet with his latest post on Search Engine Land. This month, he tackled the ever-present threat of the “shady SEO provider” which sadly, plagues the auto industry. His article highlights 10 tips that you can use to spot these types of shady practices and give you the ability to right the ship before it goes full Titanic.

Some of the red flags you should be watching out for are:

  • Low quality, duplicated content
  • All you get is blog posts
  • Guaranteed ranking
  • No access to Google Analytics
  • No monthly reporting

…and, well, 5 other gems that you really shouldn’t miss.

Give a click here to read the rest and get smarter about SEO.


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